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Max Life Transformation 5

Must read books by AH FLeming to transform your life to new levels

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Decide to Dominate is the first, in a series of books by former NFL and MLB athlete, W.H. Dozier III. This book is an inspirational experience that reads like an intimate coaching session, providing a unique look into how to achieve perpetual success. It’s intended to increase personal awareness, identify purpose, while unlocking one’s distinct and powerful significance. By upgrading to a new self-proposed philosophy, it will create greater innovation, continual development, and eternal opportunities in your life.


Navigator Legends is the third in a series of life changing books authored by A H Fleming. This is a unique and intimate coaching session that focuses on increasing personal awareness and developing a new philosophy that will create eternal success, innovation, and continual development in your life. Navigator Legends is focused inspiration, specific transformation of thought, and action rather than incremental movement from motivation.


“Navigator” is a book written to help the reader discover his passion and direction in life from navigating his or her own life. Navigator helps the reader examine their life from a new position stating that they are solely responsible for the direction and quality of their life. We may not be able to control all the things that happen to us but we are in control of our reaction to circumstances and our thoughts and feelings. I am the Navigator.


Traversing the Deep is a rich inspirational book that frames the middle passage of life and challenges the reader to new thoughts and possibilities of the future even through pass disappointments and disillusionment. Finding new hope to excel depends on accepting new challenges as well as being equipped with a new philosophy to create the intention and purpose of your life. It’s never too late to be inspired to greatness and to leave your mark on this world. Let your music play on long after your dreams have been fulfilled. Learning to interpret crisis and yet be encouraged through the peaks and valleys in life is essential to continue the progress until your dreams are tangible.


The path of the warrior is not the way of force but acceptance and definition of his life to be used for a greater cause of service. The cause of finding meaning and perfecting the life he has been given is the warriors way. Bushido. Its Your Fight to Win exposes the principles that have turned great warriors into timeless examples of the meaning of life. It’s Your Fight to Win, with this book find the principles to contend for your destiny.