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FREE E-Book Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work is a collection of short inspirational stories of using wisdom in the work place to address many day to day management issues. Topics such as team building, working with the dreaded consultant, and trust are included in this unique look from a management perspective. The day to day mid-level to upper level manager in the trenches is where the battle is won or lost daily in achieving the goals of the company. This is a unique book written by an A H Fleming with over 25 years of executive management.


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The Navigator Trilogy is a series of books written for the lifelong learner who understands the importance of taking responsibility for your life, seeking a deeper understanding of challenging circumstances in life and the 7 areas that you can commit your effort to that will build perpetual eternal success. You were created for greatness but the truth is most of us will not obtain it because we don’t know how not because some were created for it and others were not. You are a divine expression of the source that created all things with purpose and potential. Find out how to Navigate the roughest seas of life and how to properly set the sail for success. Its within your power to choose.